V5.99 Save symbol from schematic to another library within eeschema?

I am trying to figure out the best workflow for my company when we move to KiCad v6.

I generally like the idea of having resistors and capacitors as generic symbols and then adding details of value / order code later. However this does not work well with my company’s processes which requires items to have a single entry in the parts database for a single order code.

I know I can copy an item from the library by opening it in the library editor and then doing File->Save as... and saving it to a different library or the same library, as a copy. This works fine but is a little cumbersome.

I am wondering if it is possible to do this directly on the schematic (eeschema). I.e. If I add a symbol to the schematic, could I save it into a different library and update the library links right from within eeschema or is the symbol editor the only place to do it?

I was thinking that a nice workflow might be to copy/paste symbols into the schematic from multiple sources and then add those symbols to the same centralised library.

If you hover over a schematic symbol in Eeschema, and then press [Ctrl + e] the symbol gets loaded directly in the symbol editor, and you can save it in a library from there.

In KiCad-nightly V5.99 the file format for the schematic has been completely revised (Now based on S-expressions) and copies of schematic symbols are saved in the schematic itself. It is probably relatively easy to write a script to read the new schematic format and then extract a library from it.

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@paulvdh apologies for the late reply. I must have missed the notification!

Thank you for this. Unfortunately the [Ctrl + e] version of the symbol does not have any of the fields I added to the symbol in the schematic so not ideal, but still a big time saver as I can quickly add the component to my personal library.

Thanks again.

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