V5.99 Install/Uninstall on Windows: Progress Titles Inconsistent

<Standard Disclaimer: I looked and didn’t find this discussed./>

When installing on Windows, the Progress Bar Titles are:
Application, Schematic, PCB, 3D-Models, Demos, Shortcuts (maybe more that are really fast).

When uninstalling on Windows, the Progress Bar Titles are:
Application, Libraries, Documentation.

I’m assuming when “Documentation” is displayed, it’s really uninstalling the 3-D models because:

  1. It takes a time proportional to the install of 3D-Models.
  2. The Help files (Documentation?) are not yet available in the Windows Nightlies.

It seems to me that:

  1. Install and Uninstall titles should match.
  2. The titles should match what I think is the new usage:
    Symbols, Footprints, 3D-Models.

This is obviously a low-priority issue. And being a Git-Moron, I don’t know how to search and see if this was already reported. But given I uninstall and install every few days, I noticed this and thought I should mention it somehow. This is my attempt.

Last versions checked: Uninstall 21563 / Install 21698.



Thanks for the help. I think I’ve graduated to Git-Idiot.

I think I added issue #125 to kicad-win-builder with essentially the same information as my original post here.

Let me know if I need to do more.


Just FYI: Issue was closed by nickoe as “cosmetic only”.

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