V5.99 Generate Netlist

Hello, I am using version 5.99 nightly. Does anyone know where I find the Generate Netlist? I knowledge that I can Export Netlist from Eeschema, but not Generating a Netlist for current Footprint I am working on.

Hmm? What are you using to work on the Footprint? Pcbnew?


In KiCad-nightly V5.99 generation of the netlist has been moved in the menu. It is now in Eeschema / File / Export / Netlist …

I do not understand what this means:

There are some new tools in “PCB Editor” (new name for Pcbnew) in KiCad-nightly V5.99 for creating and manipulating the netlist, and there is also PCB Editor / Tools / Update Schematics from PCB but I’m not entirely sure what that does exactly.

Footprints don’t have a netlist.
KiCad schematic can generate netlists, but these are not part of the default workflow since V5.0. Normally you go directly from schematic to pcbnew

I’m using PCB Editor which same as PCBnew in v5.0.0.

Thank you, I meant just generating a netlist.

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