V5 12JUN Nightly Footprint Fab Layer Info Not Imported to PCB

Maybe I have a setting wrong, or I just don’t understand the new way of doing this.
In the past I have included in the Fab Layer of the Footprint some information to use later. In this case it is the value of the capacitor.

Here is the Footprint:
Note: Fab Layer in bright green.
I can not find a way to get the Fab Layer information to import:

Is it supposed to be this way now?

Could you attach the footprint?

Top photo is of the Footprint in the editor.

Bottom photo is in PcbNew, I can not find a way to get anything other than “c” to import from the footprint; even though “c” is not in the original footprint.

Do you want a larger screen shot? oh doh, you meant the file… take me just a moment.C_1206_in_10uF.kicad_mod (2.0 KB)

“Works for me”. Are you sure the symbol fields are set correctly in eeshcema?

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Well, that is weird.

I did take the screen snippet in Dry run, but I later unchecked it and ran it.

Looks like I found a problem…

From what i see your footprint has only one reference and one value field.
It seems like the value in your schematic is set to “C” and the reference is set to “C5”
The reference is on the silk layer in the footprint file. I do not know why in your first screenshot it seems to be on the silk screen. Perhaps you updated it in the library but did not update the footprint on the board.

At the moment, I can’t tell what is going on.

Without the schematic we can not really help with that.

The last screenshot that shows the netlist import output seems to agree with what you show us in the screenshots of the schematic. (It seems sometime in the past you did not include µF in the value fields or kicad could not handle the utf character “µ”)

For your connectors you seem to have removed the default value field since you last updated the netlist.

Is it possible you disabled visibility for anything in the render tab? (In particular have you probably disabled visibility of the value fields?)

To be honest, I got a little bit lost and confused during this process.
In the very beginning, the capacitor in fact was reference as just “c”. Now that I think about it the catch is that it affected ALL of my parts.

The Netlist tool would not import the Footprint values. I changed “c” to 10µF and used the Update tool. What does not make any sense is at all is that C1-4 were correct everywhere, yet the Netlist and Update kept wanting to swap the names, and I have no idea where they might be different.

Now, Netlist and Update disagree on the Nets:

Everything in the Render Tab is checked.

I no longer have the problem, everything seems to be fine.

I have not found a way to duplicate the problem.

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