Using the A.fromTo('', '') in a custom rule for a micro-via

I am trying so set up design rules for a microwave board and needs to set strict rules on microvias between different layers. Thus, I did the rule:

(rule "L1 -> L3 uvia"
	(constraint hole_size (min 0.175mm) (max 0.175mm))
	(condition "A.Type == 'Via' && A.Via_Type == 'Micro' && A.fromTo('L1.Cu','L2.Cu')")

The problem is that when I have the A.fromTo() in the condition, it does not trigger on this micro via:

Have I misunderstood the fromTo?


A solution is to use something like:
(condition "A.Type == 'Via' && A.Via_Type == 'Micro' && A.existsOnLayer('L1.Cu') && A.existsOnLayer('L2.Cu') && !A.existsOnLayer('L3.Cu') && !A.existsOnLayer('L4.Cu') && !A.existsOnLayer('L5.Cu') && !A.existsOnLayer('L6.Cu')")

Does not explain the use of the fromTo-function, but is awork-around.

From | | | Documentation | KiCad under Custom rule syntax in table Expression functions at fromTo('x', 'y')

Returns true if the object exists on the copper path between the given pads. x and y are the full names of pads in the design, such as ‘R1-Pad1’.

Looks like fromTo() checks for the connected pads rather than the layers.

Maybe you could try Layer_Bottom and Layer_Top ? Maybe something like

(version 1)

(rule "L1 -> L3 uvia"
	(constraint hole_size (min 0.175mm) (max 0.175mm))
	( condition 
		"A.Type == 'Via' && A.Via_Type == 'Micro' && A.Layer_Top  == 'L1.Cu' && A.Layer_Bottom == 'L2.Cu' "

? (assuming you named the layers L1.Cu and L2.Cu, which isn’t the default of In1.Cu and In2.Cu)

(Edit: Corrected example)

Thanks. That sounds like the right thing. Tried it, but does not work. This looks like a bug actually. From the constraints report:

Checking rule L1 -> L3 uvia hole size: min 0,1750 mm; opt undefined; max 0,1750 mm.
Checking rule condition "A.Type == 'Via' && A.Via_Type == 'Micro' && A.Layer_Top == 'L1.Cu' && A.Layer_Bottom == 'L2.Cu'".
Condition not satisfied; rule ignored

What version do you use? I use a older 7.99 Version, i get »No errors found.«

Which layer is L1.Cu and L2.Cu? Is L1.Cu above L2.Cu? If not, you may have to swap Layer_Top and Layer_Bottom in the rule?

Maybe you should check if you should open a GitLab issue report.

I use 7.0.8 and the idea is that I want to generate an error. I have a via that is work. I am kind of building a test-board at the moment with all rules and I have a via that is violating this rule, but it is not caught with the Layer_Top… solution. It is however captured with the existsOnLayer… construction.

I was talking about the rule checker errors, not about the DRC violations in the PCB.

No error in the Custom Rules Editor:

The Vias that violate that rule are reported:


fromTo can be used to define topology of a connection (eg. fromTo('IC1','IC2') would take all paths between pins of IC1 and IC2 into consideration. It was meant to define length constraints. There is no dedicated constraint/expression for blind/buried vias layer ranges yet - for the moment I suggest using the workaround proposed in this thread. Full pad/via stack definition will be coming to KiCad at some point in time.


This is strange. Actually my 7.0.8 KiCA on Windows does not catch that when using the Layer_Top… construction?

(Errors are from other tests that should fail.)

Can you upload a project with that problem (including all files necessary to open it)? (33.2 KB)

I have the same problem with your project. Maybe you should now open a GitLab issue (in case it is not already done).

It’s failing to take custom-layer names into account for Layer_Top and Layer_Bottom. It should work if you use the canonical layer names (“F.Cu” and “In1.Cu”).

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