Using pcbnew without netlist

Please let me know if it is possible to use pcbnew to create board without creating schematics in eeschema. I have to create a lot of very simpe boards (each board is different) and use of eeschema looks like waste of time. My board has to include some high power custom vias and wide tracks.
(I’m new to KiCad)

Technically you can by adding parts with “o” and assigning nets to pins with the “e” menu. I do not recommend this. It’s doesn’t matter how wide your tracks are, a schematic is an easily readable representation of the circuit that is implemented on your board: without it, you’re shooting in the dark when debugging or making changes. How will you share the project without a schematic?

I’ll bump this older thread (but a good question) with some new information - a plugin allows this :slight_smile:

The missing piece was being able to manually/easily add netnames to a design.
Using the WireIt tool you select N pads (Shift-clk) then click add icon, and you are promoted for a netname.
It can even dump a report, of the final changes.

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