Using Git with the KiCAD Libraries

I would like to stay abreast of updates to the KiCAD libraries via git. I don’t think this is really that difficult to do, however I am a little intimidated by it. I think I have to main points of confusion about how to proceed with this. I think some of this revolves around general work practices with git, so if anyone has any input I’d be interested in hearing it as well.

  1. Git logistics. Do I need to fork and clone all of symbols, footprints, 3d, and templates locally? Should I then just do a git update periodically on those repos to make sure they are up to date? Do I clone these to a new location, or do I just overwrite the existing libraries?

  2. Libraries in KiCAD. I am currently using the default libraries with the default setup. What changes do I need to make to KiCAD to get it to work with the repo libraries? Does KiCAD do anything to manage the repos?

Sorry if these questions are silly, I’m just trying to get the hang of this all. Thanks in advance.

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Clone the remote repo to your hard disk. Then do git pull periodically.

I recommend cloning to a new folder and change the path variables (Preferences -> Configure Paths). That’s the anwer to the question(s) 2, too.

Library management in KiCad version 5 sections “using a local git repo” and “persinalized setupfor the official library”.

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