Using custom schematic symbols and footprints from earlier project


I started my first project using the tutorial videos from Contextual Electronics.
I had to create two custom schematic symbols and associated footprints.
At some point I realized I had goofed the whole thing up so bad that it would be best to just start over.
The custom symbols and footprints that I created are saved in the project folder.
Is there any way to use those in version 2 without redrawing them?

Sure. I assume you have the footprints and symbols in libraries? There are several ways

  1. copy the .lib file and .pretty folder to the new project folder. Add the .lib to Component Libraries list for the project. Add the .pretty folder to the Footprint Libraries table (use the wizard), add to the project library table (quick and simple, confines changes to one project).

  2. leave the .lib and .pretty where they are, and add them to the list/table as described above. (my least favourite method)

  3. create a “my_kicad” folder, put your common libs there. Add the .lib to project template, and the .pretty to global table so each new project has access to the libs (reduces work when creating new projects, but now changes to the libs will affect all projects).


Well… that makes perfect sense.
Don’t know why I couldn’t figure that out?
Thank you!

Yeah, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the library structure, just a particle physicist. I believe they use quantum entanglement. Or is it you can’t know its position if you know its… Oh, never mind.


Yes, it certainly takes some getting used to!!!