Using Clear Polarity in Gerber Plot

I was wondering why Kicad builds the gerber file only with a dark polarity objects for copper layers. Is there a reason why an antipad or a keep out area will not be draw as an object on clear polarity? Is there a way to draw those objects on clear polarity?

I have no idea what you mean here. Could you possibly give the gerber command codes you would expect and detail which ones are used now?

You should probably ask the developers. If I interpret you correctly, you mean the possibility of using normal objects and objects which clear the normal objects, so that they work like black ink and correction fluid (on white background).

Do other EDA programs work that way? Why?

Why do you think it would have advantages over what KiCad does now?

There seems to be a language barrier here.
My interpretation is that jer1 wants to tun on:
Pcbnew / File / Plot / General Options / [ ] Negative plot for gerber files.

For Gerber files this option is greyed out.
It is enabled though for Postscript, PDF and SVG file formats.

The Gerber files are normally send to a PCB factory, and then you do not have to care about negative plots. The other formats are more suited for home etching or post processing.

I got the task to build a Copper Area, placing down some vias and pads, draw some tracks, some keep out areas and compare the result gerber file with an other one from Allegro.
The difference is that Allegro plots many objects in gerber like circles, rectangles, etc. with different polarities and Kicad draws only lines, pads and polygons. So it is not possible to find the keep out areas in the gerber file as an object with negative polarity. I don’t know weather our manufacturer needs those objects because they have very special requirements.

The interesting thing is that I didn’t find an option for a circle keep out area or a rectangle keep out area in Kicad. So I have to draw each keep out area by hand and I have to use python for a circle keep out area. But in gerber it is very easy to draw those objects if you use the polarity. And many things would be easier for us in kicad if that was possible.

But as it seems those objects are not available in kicad and thats why they wll not be plotted in a gerber file.

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