Using child pages off of the index page?


I started the index page just to get the ball rolling. I’m not married to any of it at this point so I won’t be offended at ideas to change or even scrap it in favor of something better. I don’t know if any of us have a good idea how the software really is best utilized at this point. That said…

We now have several pages relating to symbols, footprints, libraries. Would it be best to put those in a child page with one link from the index page? I’m using this more as an example because I’m not close to doing anything like that until we collectively figure out perhaps a structure for sub categories. This is more ‘food for thought’ because there is obviously no pressing need at this early stage to get too concerned about the size of the page. Remember, the point (at least for me) is to have a quick way to refer people to existing information to cut down on regulars having to answer the same questions repeatedly.