Using both windows and macOS - Libraries problem


Hello folks,

thanks for reading. I got a problem.
I use kicad on windows and at a different location I have it installed on an iMac.
The projects and my own library with special components I store in a Dropbox folder.
Now I create a schematic in the windows app eeschema and store it.
Opening this schematic in the Mac, then there is an error message, say’s:
It can’t find the library in E:/Dropbox/Elektronik… Of course not… The folder structure in macOS is quite different. I have included the dropbox properly and can open the schematic. But it hasn’t the proper parts in it from my own library.

How can I fix this issue?
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.


You could try adding the same library twice with different paths. Then the other OS finds it in one and the other in the other path. Both would complain about one.

You can also try adding a path in general project settings and using that as part of the path. That would be a cleaner solution if it works. The paths (Preferences->Configure Paths) aren’t stored in a project but in a user config file.

I’m not sure if any one of these work. If the latter doesn’t work I would consider it to be a bug.


Use the environment variables to resolve relative path (Environment user-defined variables: how to use them?). It will require some manual editing of .pro and .sch files.

Or you can manually edit .pro and .sch to place the project-cache.lib on top of the library list. WARNING: this is somewhat unsafe procedure, but if you are aware its limitation it works quite nice.


Thanks a lot. I will try it out.


This is the sort of problem that schematic library tables, coming in V5 (and in nightlies now) will solve. (I hope!)