Using 4.0.* versions of Kicad with old projects

I saved my project to memory stick and moved it to my win8 (64 bit) laptop. This laptop has Kicad version 4.0.0-rc1-stable (build 9200). However kicad gives a warning that it can’t find a special library and my schematic is incomplete. Furthermore my footprint library is not available even though *-cache.lib LIB file is available. Also HELP is not available. Will all these issues be resolved when i load version 4.0.2 (latest version) on my Vista laptop?
Thanks Kevin

The special.lib is eradicated to few existing and new thematic libraries:

I think the -cache.lib will still work for you to solve schematic issue, but you have to add it to the available libraries in your project configuration at the highest level (move it up to the top of the list). Or copy your -cache.lib and save it with a different name as a project specific library and add using this same way.

Footprints are not stored in -cache.lib. You need to find which .mod files you’re used and put them to the local - also project specific - fp-lib-table. But the problem with footprints is not as significant, because you can still open your board normally and create library archive (from File menu).

My colleague wrote a nice guide on how to transfer projects, but it is in Polish. The Google translate might help, but be prepared for a bunch of mishaps translation. Migrate project to the new version (automated translation)

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Thanks for your comprehensive reply. I have decided to use version 4.0.2 2016 for new designs and the 2013 version for old/present design.
Thanks Kevin