User Password -- how to change? SOLVED

Just wondering how do I change my user password?
Don’t see an existing question pertaining to that in any of the categories.

Click on your avatar upper right. Then choose the gear.

I cannot find “the gear” to which you refer, hermit. I just see “Bookmarks”, “Messages”, or “Preferences”.

That sounds you like you clicked on your browser’s menu button. It’s the Kicad web page avatar you should click on.


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What is seen may be browser dependent? I have 3 icons instead of the text, but hovering over the icons I see the alt-text for Bookmarks, Messages, and Preferences. The gear icon that I see is Preferences (which is what you want) as shown in this screen clip:
FWIW, I’m using Google Chrome on Win10 Pro.

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Okay, SembazuruCDE, you helped me realize hermit meant the graphical icon of the gear by “the gear”. After clicking on it, I saw the “Send Password Reset Email” button and clicked on the URL at the end of the email, opening a new webpage.

I entered my password on the webpage and pressed carriage return. However, I was not asked to enter it again. So I hope I didn’t make a mistake! Else, I won’t be able to log in again in the future, unless someone has made a provision for this “user error”.

BTW, I looked up “avatar” at It said an avatar is a graphical image associated with a person. So my avatar is the red Debian spiral on a gray background.

In some circles the three horizontal line icon is called the hamburger. Sometimes a picture is best.

Does anybody know if spaces are allowed in the password?

For this software, not specifically. They probably use some known method/module. Those generally allow for spaces anywhere but the first character. But, no, I don’t know. If you get locked out you can make another account to contact the mods who can then sort it out and delete the new account though I guess.

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Yes, my passphrase now has embedded spaces (but not as the first character). It works fine.

That’s known as the Debian swirl so you know what that means when you read it. It comes in other colours too.

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