Use StepUp to create footprint (9.1 KB)

I’m trying to create a footprint using StepUp and FreeCad but I think this failed because the generated sketch has not connected edges. How can I make all the edges connected?

You can check the antena object inside the step file. I use it to create a projected sketch.

Thank you

Coincidence constrain on the endpoints that need to be “connected” (use box select to select the endpoints and then add the constraint)

I did what you say however it didn’t work as expected. Any other suggestion?
Thank you

antena.FCStd (4.1 KB)

complex pads need a circle somewhere that is used as the anchor pad.
Also pads_th_smd is the wrong name for generating complex pads. Check the antenna example for how to do it.


you can check also the complex-arc-pad example (Pads_Poly)


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