Use of the RootSch and BoardNm fields in the profile

What is the expected usage of the RootSch and BoardNm fields in the .pro file?

I haven’t found any information on these two fields and am not sure if they are supported or vestigial.

I’d like to have a linked schematic file and board file with names that are different from their profile.

  • Is it enough to just put the schematic and PCB files’ names in these fields?

  • If so, is this supported across the tool chain?

EDIT: I’ve tried setting these fields to various combinations of the schematic and PCB filenames, quoted/not, with extensions and without, with spaces and without, no difference. When I try to update the differently-named PCB, am asked to create a new PCB with the same name as the schematic.

They are vestigial. KiCad does not currently support multiple boards per project, or boards with a name different from the project name.

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