Use of cache library for porting a project


I just noticed, that when opening a foreign project (in my case the MMU 2.0 controller of the Prusa 3D printer: ), all the schematic symbols arn’t loaded. The cache lib is in the repository, but I didn’t find a way to make KiCad use of that library. Do I overlook something?

Currently I’m still running 5.0.0-rc2.

Greets, Karl

Hi Karl,

I have downloaded the zip file from the link you provided,
extracted it and went into the rev03 directory. Double clicked
on the KiCAD project file and the accepted the rescue
operation. I have all the components on screen.
Did you follow the same procedure ?

Mind you, KiCAD has some major design flaws and one
of which is the rescue thing when starting KiCAD with a
damaged project. This comes from not reading the cache
library of the project first. If the cache library would have
precedence over the normal component libraries the cache
would first be searched for component XYZ and then the
normal component libraries. If that all fails a rescue mission
should be started with the user in full control.
Maybe there is a way to make KiCAD read the cache first
but I have been unsuccesfull in my attempts.


Thanks for investigating this issue.

In my instance of KiCad 5 I don’t get the “Rescue Dialog”. Perhaps this is the case, because with my library setup, this project will not find a single symbol, since the stock libs have prefixes in our case: e.g. v4_device instead of device. If that’s the reason, this seems to be a bug.

Seems not to be the case. I’ll try to update to the stable release.

Solved: Updating my KiCad to 5.0.0 stable, fixed the problem. I get now that rescue dialog. Sorry for the circumstances.

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Hey, @qu1ck, See the github page in the link of the OP. They are using your Interactive-BOM script as user documentation with a link in the Your script is definitely in the wild. Congrats.

Yeah, I’ve seen it in the wild too, github analytics pops some interesting places from referrals. Here’s one

This reminds me, I should probably put a link to plugin project somewhere in generated bom to help with discoverability.

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