Use netclass-color.patch with KiCAD 5.1.6


Is there a guide, or can anyone explain, how to install the netclass-color.patch avialable here?:

There don’t seem to be any instructions and I have a colleague who is used to using EasyPC and who would find this feature useful. I have tried saving that plugin to the scripting folder in “C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\scripting\plugins” but that didn’t work. I also tried adding it to:


I am assuming it will appear in PCBNew under: Tools>External Plugins, but again I might be wrong?

Do I need to rename the file, or move it somewhere else?


KiCAD 5.1.6
Windows 10

No-no, the patch is way too old (2015). I firmly believe it can’t be applied to the current codebase.

OK thanks, we’ll look forward to the V6 release for this!

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