Use hierarchical pins as bus labels

When connecting a lot of wires, can be useful to use buses. I know that Kicad needs a label to identify which wire goes to, but I wonder if it is possible to use hierarchical pins for this.

See this example:

The wire VALVE1 is not connected (yet) to the corresponding pin in sheet Outputs. Of course I need to add the labels there, but they just repeat the same name again. It does not appear “clean” to me.

It would be nice if I can tell Kicad to use the hierarchical pins’ names as label when the wires are connected to a bus directly.

In KiCad, the blue bus wires are purely cosmetic, and to give human brains a hint to were connections are going, and without the blue bus, there is just a wire coming out of your “Outputs Sheet”, which connect to nothing.

Intermezzo: Have you discovered the [Ins] key?
Hint: Place label “VALVE1” on the corresponding wire coming from your Outputs sheet, then hit [Ins] until you have enough of them.

Alternatively, you can wire the bus itself directly to a hierarchical sheet.
The screenshot below is from the “rosco_m68k” project which you can also find on github.

These numbered buses is the first thing for where a bus is more then cosmetic. There are plans for also adding named wires into buses, but that has not been implemented (In KiCad V5.1.x) yet.

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Yes, I know the INS command. And I’ve just discovered the bus “array”. In my specific example above might fit quite well.

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