Use CSV to autoplace components

I’m new to kicad and to this forum, so I’m sorry if this topic isn’t in the correct place.
I try to explain my situation:
Usually I work with gerber files and coordinates (“pick and place” files, .txt or .csv) and I have to create an assembly design.

The solution that I am currently using is to import gerber in the gerberview, export to pcb and then I manually place components over old ones. I don’t have to route the board because I just need the graphics and I usually don’t have schematics.
This “workflow” take me a lot of time :frowning:
So my question is: is there a way to use the coordinate file’s (.csv) to automatic place footprints?
It would be a dream…

Thaks in advance

Sure, just write some python code. Open up a .kicad_pcb in a text editor and it should be fairly apparent how to adjust their positions.

I can use other that python code? It could be also maybe perl?

I think what halachal meant to say is that all of KiCad’s files are human readable text files and therefore also relatively easy to parse with any scripting language of your choice.

I’m also not sure what you want to do wit it. There are over 60 “side projects” around KiCad, varying from simple scripts to more elaborate projects. Maybe you can do something with for example:

You can find a nice overview of projects around KiCad on:

Thank you!
Unfortunately I am not very based on python… and now I am also quite confused :confused:

Can you please help me?
Thank you very much

nope, good luck.

sounds like this is for commercial venture, so maybe you can hire KiPro or find a coder on Upwork to do it for you.

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