USB + WiFi, a good idea?

Hi there,

This may not be the correct place for this, but Ill just try my luck.

I had this request to use USB + WiFi in the same port. So in normal cases, it will be a USB2.0 line, as per the normal plug and play. But the idea is that on the same USB2.0 line, it shall be also connected/routed to a WiFi module, which shall be plugged occassionally.

*hope the above image helps on the idea, USB and WiFi module connected to the same port and sharing the same line.

Has anyone ever do something similar before? I tried to find something online and it comes out zlich, might be my keywords are wrong.

My main concern is basically : is this a bad idea in the first place. I can already imagine trace and skew matching to be a nightmare. But any more thoughts to either support/discourage this idea would be greatly appreciated!



I more or less understand the request, but are you sure it’s a Kicad-related problem?

We are struggling with non-KiCad threads all the time and want to keep this forum away from slipping to electronics in general. Therefore I’ll close this.