Usb widgit model help


I’m looking for CAD models of this part to integrate it with my PCB instead of connecting it externally.

As a second option, I am looking for the same adapter but with a micro-USB or USB-C type input. The problem is that this adapter is too big and clumsy.


Try asking the manufacturer, they would be most likely to be help you with their products.

Why buy an adapter in the first place?
There are plenty of uC’s with native support for USB, and each self respecting uC vendor will have libraries and examples for implementing for implementing a CDC (Communications Device Class) device with their hardware. Likely you can also find plenty of hobbyist examples on github / gitlab.

If you just want serial, and don’t mind micro-usb, I like these:

Seven bucks and change. I have used them up to 230400-baud constant streaming and they have been flawless.


Thanks for your help, but I don’t have enough experience with GitHub/GitLab or in general to find it. Can you help me locate it?

To clarify my approach, I want to find a KiCad project containing this part (or at least with the same functionality) so I can insert it into the PCB I’m working on instead of connecting it externally.

  1. Go to Github.
  2. Type in “CDC” in the search bar.
  3. Start looking through the 18k or so results.
    4, There are some false positives, you can narrow it down by adding your favorite microcontroller brand.

But I guess the “problem” is elsewhere. If you go that way, you will have use a microcontroller, program, and likely debug it yourself. It is either that, or live with the extra bulk of the adapter board you already found. The choice is yours.