USB-C, am I doing it right?

Hi everyone!

I recently discovered this guide that tells you how to make your own pcb for mechanical keyboard. In this guide it is showed how to wire your usb-b-mini connector only but I wanted to replace it with USB-C. My question is where to plug cc and vconn ports, am I plugging everything right and is it even possible to use usb-c? I’m very new to this topic and downloaded kicad today. I would be grateful for your answers.

Generally, if your keyboard has a USB plug (i.e. a wire directly attached) connect CC with a 5.1kΩ resistor to ground. You can leave VCONN unconnected. If the keyboard has a USB socket (like if you need a normal USB cable for connection), connect both CC pins with each a 5.1kΩ resistor to ground. (Don’t be cheap and connect them together with a single resistor, because then you make the same mistake the Raspberry Pi designer made with their Pi 4)

For details read the USB spec.

The USB_C_Plug symbol you use is probably slightly wrong, because it’s more like for making a thumbdrive/usb stick where the male plug is soldered onto the board. Which doesn’t make much sense for a keyboard.


Thank you very much for help :slight_smile:

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