Upgrading from 4 to 5: any hints and tips

So, been using version 4 for a while my main PC, but a few months ago, I installed ver 5 on my laptop, so I could get familiar with it. The good news is that all of the projects I have looked at converted just fine.

So, I’m now looking to upgrade my main PC to use version 5… is it possible to create a new version 5 install, whilst still keeping version 4 installed? I appreciate that I probably need to copy all my own library files and project files to a new location, where ver 5 can upgrade them.

So, is a ver 4 / ver 5 install possible. Any useful hints and tips?

And generally

Thanks, had already seen a couple of those, but better to see stuff twice than miss something!. Do you happen to know if I can keep ver 4 installed whilst I also have ver 5 installed?

(I guess my “backup plan” would be to delete ver 5 from my laptop (where, to be honest, I was just “playing with it”) and install / configure a fully working & configured ver 4… and then upgrade my “active” setup on my main machine to ver 5. )

The FAQ index thread gives this link:

I, personally, have not done this so I don’t know how robust this is. And these instructions are Windows only. I think it can be done on other OSes, but I don’t know the details.

EDIT: This link from the FAQ index might be better as it gets into using the KICAD_CONFIG_HOME system variable to keep the configurations separate.

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