Upgrade to Kicad 5 doesn't work

I’m trying to upgrade my project created with Kicad 4 to Kicad 5. For this, I’m looking at the instructions in posts

on this forum.

I followed all the steps described there (I think I already did the initial steps earlier), and remapped my symbols. However, if I look at the global symbol libraries, they’re listed as “Plugin Type: Legacy”, which I guess isn’t right.

What could have gone wrong here? What other steps do I have to do? I’d attach a small sample project, but it seems this forum doesn’t support attachments.

EDIT: I should mention that “Plugin Type: Legacy” also applies to projects I create newly. This is on Kubuntu 19.10 with Kicad 5.1.4, symbols version 5 are installed.

“Legacy” symbol library plugin is normal for KiCad5, so nothing to worry about.

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I assume the reason for the plugin type to be listed as legacy is because the version 5 symbol library format is still the old pre version 4 file format (not yet based on s-expressions).
Originally it was planned to get the new file format with version 5 but there were other things deemed more important so it was moved to version 6. It only just got introduced to the pre version 6 dev snapshots, so we are at least on track to getting the new file format for version 6.


OK, great, then I guess I’m set for now.


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