Updating symbols from V5 projects [Solved]

I have converted V5.1 projects to V6
I have legacy local libraries
I need to correct errors in some of the symbols

What is the best way to migrate to the new library format and be able to edit old format symbols?

They edit quite happily in the new format and will update in your projects provided your projects have been updated also… been there, done that. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, got it now.
I migrated my library, but the library table was still calling the legacy library.
Delete the old one and add the new one as project specific and then update symbols in the schematic from the new library

Geezzz , forgot all about that… must be an age related issue :frowning_face:

By way of an excuse, I keep all my libraries global and the paths were configured and I copied all my libraries to a different (E) disk just in case…, so all I had to do was change the one symbol path and the one footprint path… sorry about that (he cries while grovelling at thy feet).

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The migration process is not as obvious as as it could have been.
Hopefully this thread will be useful to others moving to V6

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