Updating refdes in schematic changes positioning of corresponding board components

I remember an option for this in the older versions but I am working in V7. I finished routing my board but I decided to rename some components in the schematic for their reference designators and when I update my PCB, it moves the components. Am I going to have to manually update each component in the PCB or am I missing a checkbox here?

I’ve tried a few of the combinations of these checkboxes.

Can’t say that I’ve seen this. Are you sure your schematic and layout were in sync before you decided to edit the refres?

So, I laid out the PCB with the old refdes then when I finished, I wanted to neaten up the schematic labeling so I changed the refdes’. After, I went to re-update the PCB so I could adjust the silkscreen text and fab text but it just moves the components to a packed form to be placed as if they are brand new. I may have to go component by component manually to update it but I was just wanting to see if I am missing an alternative method. Thanks.

That to me is a symptom that the PCB editor thinks the footprint has changed rather than just the refdes. I forget which of the 3 options you should tick for changing the refdes. I think it’s actually none of them. However you can still back out and not update the layout if you get a preview that new footprints will be added.

With my 2 last PCBs designed with 7.0.2 I have also at the end renumbered all symbols at schematic but I had no problem with updating PCB. Nothing have changed except refdes were changed. I had options selected as you showed.