Updating my Windows 10 nightly from August 2020 to last night's

My older 5.99 is not labeled as such in my Program files. After I have tested the new nightly and decided I will not go back; how best to uninstall the August 2020 nightly? Do I simply uninstall the older KiCad? Anything else to delete?

I would just delete the files and shortcuts and not bother with uninstallation. Otherwise you might have to install last nightly again to recreate file associatinos and such.

I think that now you can just run the uninstaller – recently we switched to putting the installations in versioned directories on Windows so it should remove the right things and leave the new 5.99 folder alone.

I suspect a problem with this. Windows now sees me as having two different KiCad “apps.” I think that if I do not run the uninstaller, Windows will not know that the older KiCad has been deleted and I might get crashes?

Those “apps” are just an entry in registry. It will not cause any crashes.
Like Jon said, you can run uninstaller for older version, worst that can happen is you will also have to rerun installer for newer version.

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