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I recently updated to kicad 5, as I understand, all of the libraries from the github should be included into the install directory as well. I checked the library manager list and briefly compared to the library directory, some of the newly added library from kicad 5 installation wasn’t included. For example Jumper library didn’t exist on kicad 4 but included in kicad 5. Upon updating, it didn’t get listed during the kicad 5 installation or added in the library manager.

How can I “refresh” the library manager to scan the default default directory?

I am sorry about the question, I also unsure which section should I post

Please give your operating system, and how did you install KiCad 5.

Presuming it’s Windows and the standard installer, you may have old environment variables from v4. Show what’s in Preferences->Configure Paths dialog. A screenshot is preferred.

Sorry, I forgot to mention my OS, it is windows 10 64bit and installed through the installer package that close to 1gb setup file on top of kicad v4

Here is the screenshot of what you asked

They seem to be OK. You may have old configuration left by v4. If you open Manage Footprint Libraries (pcbnew -> Preferences, what does it show? It should NOT have “${KIGITHUB}”. If it does, it means KiCad uses old configuration and wrong fp-lib-table.

Open the file explorer, write %APPDATA% to the address bar and go to kicad folder. There’s that fp-lib-table. It must be replaced by the correct one from the new v5 library. Go to Program Files folder, then to KiCad -> share -> kicad -> template. There’s the fp-lib-table which should be correct.

I didn’t remember this was already in the FAQ: I had KiCad 4 installed previosly. Now i updated to v5. Now i have some problems with the library setup

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Thank you so much for the help. Some of the new components has been listed as well. I actually don’t know the correct keyword term for this problem, when I searched about libraries, often I got pointed to kicad 5 downloadable libraries as well as kicad 4, also solution about kicad 4’s libraries.

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