Update the Annotate Function?


The current project I’m working on, the Annotate function is really slowing me down.

It would make sense to group the Ref Des numbers with the circuit that it is grouped with. For example, U1, Q1, C1, R1, D1, etc.

Adding to the complexity of the issue, it seems there is some sort of bug when annotating and clearing the annotation for hierarchical sheets; I seem to be getting inconsistent unexpected behaviours ( Windoze V5.0.0), especially after using the Clear Annotation function with the check box selected to apply the action only to the current active sheet. I am still plowing through the learning curve on hierarchical sheets, it is entirely possible that my results are a direct result PEBKAC error.

Next issue, the number “X100” was a pretty nifty idea, but it ends up being a little weird to me in practice. As one being used to counting from 0, the fact that the top sheet is “1” means that next level down in the first hierarchical sheet is going to be annotated as 200. And the next sheet, on the same level, the components are going to be annotated with the prefix of 300, even though it is on hierarchical level two.

Working on a project with as many hierarchical sheets as I currently have, this situation is new to me. It feels to me like it could be more intuitive if a little more development time was spent on it. So, I figured I throw it out to the forum members for feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have an opinion you are willing to take the time to share.


Yeah, the by-100 thing was a hack we put in to support some level of sheet numbering until we change the eeschema file format to support “real” sheet numbering.


This bug has been fixed in 5.0.1 https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1750096


@JeffYoung and @Seth_h

Thanks both of you for your replies. I really was not sure if there was a bug in the mix or if I didn’t know what I doing; well I knew that I didn’t really know what I was doing…