Update Schematic Library from Schematic Edits

I have accidentally been editing my schematic symbols and fields in the schematic editor instead of the schematic symbol editor. Is there a simple way to have these edits reflected in the schematic library? They are extensive and would need a significant amount of work to start again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and welcome @sdsdsdasdfaf

Symbols can only be edited in the Symbol Editor, however they can be stored in either the Schematic only, Project libraries or Global Libraries.

I am guessing that you have stored the edited symbols in Project Libraries or directly on the schematic only, but you wish to know if there is an easy way to move them to Global Libraries.

Am I correct?

I think OP means that they edited the instances inside the schematic and now wishes to transfer them to a library.

Sorry, I’d belatedly edited my post to include storing on the schematic only.

Editing schematic instances is a useful feature but can leave one a little stranded as the symbols need to be exported to be reused. In addition running Update Symbols from Library can wipe out changes.

Edit: But we haven’t answered OP’s question. For sure the schematic instances of symbols can be exported but the problem I see is how to import them into respective personal libraries without having to do them one by one. Since I’ve never done this, somebody else will have to answer.

I was trying to get clarification of the OP’s post. I’m not sure what has been done and what is wanted.
eg. What is a “schematic library”?

I think OP means symbol library but they’ll have to clarify this (and themself too).

The only way I know is your way: open them in the Symbol Editor and File > Save as, one by one.
I was trying to get clarification in case someone knows other ways.

Schematic Editor / File / Export / Symbols to new Library exports all symbols in a schematic to a new library.


Thats awesome I didn’t know we could do that ! :grinning: so I could create a new symbol right there and just pop it into any library I have created. Well I never knew about that Export function, but I have never RTFM :rofl:

You still create and modify symbols via the symbol editor, which also doubles up as the library management tool. When you are working with single symbols, then saving them to one of your libraries from there is the more convenient choice.

Schematic Editor / File / Export / Symbols to new Library is mostly useful when there are a lot of symbols in your schematic that are not in a library. For example when a project is migrated from a very old KiCad version.