Update pcb from schematic makes a mess

When I’ve finished the schematic and transfer it to the pcb and do “update pcb from schematic” the result is like starting a jigsaw puzzle when all the pieces are tipped out of the box into a heap on the table.
That really makes them hard to find.
Is that the best it can do?
Can it arrange them tidily so I can find them?
Is there a setting for this?

some ideas to try:

  • in pcb-editor: Place–>Autoplace Footprints–> PLace Off-Board / Place only selected footprints
  • selecting one footprint, than RMB–>context-menu–>Select–>Items in same hierarchical sheet.
  • cross-selction between schematic<->pcb is enabled? That allows to select one symbol after another in the schematic and than this selected footprint can be moved in the board
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I open PCB and Schematic window each at half the screen. The better would be to have two monitors but I really need them only for this one task so don’t have.
Then I grab with mouse footprint by footprint and seeing where it is at schematic (it is highlighted) I make an initial division into groups.

With the “t” shortcut you can “call” a reference and move it where you want.