Update PCB from schematic components pile

When you update PCB from schematic, you get all the components in a pile, but is there a way to set the spacing larger so the silkscreen is not over another component?
Is there a way to have them sorted by annotation or even X,Y location on schematic instead of this totally random order?

I tried searching forum but didn’t find the right search terms for this. I am not looking for auto placement or hierarchical grouping

It’s still much better than all in the same position :slight_smile:
My next step is to:

  • move the PCB window off screen to the left so it takes the left half,
  • move the SCH window off screen to the right so it takes the right half,
  • point footprint by footprint and press ‘M’ key,
  • seeing at sch where each element is at schematic I make first separation into groups.

maybe a little help:

  • select one footprint → RMB-click–>context-menu → Select (top entry) → Items in same hierarchical sheet

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additional info regarding the kicad-development-version: the current v6.99 version got a new feature to cross-select multiple items from schematic–>board (doesn’t works the other way around). But beware, v6.99 is not for nothing called “development”.

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I think it is better to decide manually where each component or group of components is located. This would be defined by the shape of the PCB, the location of connectors, types of signals (analog or digital) in short, a lot of parameters that is easier to do by hand.

@Piotr, yes it is better than all the same position, and I group things too, but I can’t read the text cause its over/under another component.

@mf_ibfeew, @maykol_rey, I am only using one sheet, and as I said, “I am not looking for auto placement or hierarchical grouping”
An example:
Overly simple schematic

This is what I get in PCBNEW

I would be happy with just this when updating PCB

This would be the best I could ever ask for, sorted and not overlaping

I do like the cross select multiple items idea, but I am going to wait till its a release version. But it seems like adding more space and having them in sequential order would be easier to me. Maybe its time for me to learn how to make a plug-in and sort it myself.
I know I complain alot, but KiCad is still awesome!

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“I am not looking for auto placement …

But give it a try:

  • after schematic–>board you have the “pile of footprints” like in your above picture
  • draw a rectangle board-outline next to the footprint-pile (must be big enough) (not necessary the final board-outline)
  • select some (or all) of the footprint-pile
  • execute: main menubar → Place → Autoplace Footprints → Place selected footprints

Maybe you like the result. You can also delete the board-outline after autoplacement

It’s not sorted but at least now the footprints are not overlapping.

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I will give it a try, it is better than nothing. Do you know how that will work if say I make a bunch of changes to schematic, make 2nd “temp” board outline, can I place selected parts in just the “temp” outline? I can test it myself if you haven’t already tried it.

I can test it myself if you haven’t already tried it.

You have to test yourself. I have the mentioned autoplace-function not used for myself (except for the text-example above). So I’m also interested into your findings.

I hide texts as if they are it happens to get (for Move) text and not footprint. So I see at PCB footprints without references and values. When I move a footprint schematic shows me which element I have got and Move now.

Tested, it will use 2nd "temp outline but it seems like it must be below the main PCB. Or to be clear, it places parts in the lowest outline. It does help and I will use this for now. Thanks.

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