Update old project Kicad (SOLVED)

I have make a projet with the Kicad Release “KiCad_stable-2013.07.07-BZR4022_Win_full_version” in the year 2013.
If I open my projet with the actual stable release, I view nothink and I have error when I open the schematic or the PCB.
There is a solution to update this projet for the actual release ?

Sure, I open old projects all the time. There are a few known issues. However, we would need to see the error messages to help further.

Hi Bobc,
I have download the KiCad_stable-2013.07.07-BZR4022_Win_full_version and install it on a virtual machine. I have open my old project.
After, I have installed the kicad-product-4.0.0-x86_64 and open the same project with. All, is OK.
After, i have open the project in the last release and all is ok too.
I do not understand why it did not work the first time.
I have the zip of the original project of 2013, I can transmit it for a test and correction if necessary of the module of update of project.
I close the ticket

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