Update of the 3D view of a board after including new 3D component models


Hi, I recently designed a simple two layer PCB, and created two footprints for two commercial components I needed. I did not imported their 3D models because I was still learning how to do it, so they were not present in the 3D view of the board. Yesterday I succeeded in importing them using FreeCAD and the tools developed for it by Maui: then I changed the footprint association in Eeschema, generated a new netlist and imported in the current design for the board in PCBnew. However, when I had a look at the 3D view I did not noticed any change: did I forget to do something?


In the footprint properties, the path and name of the 3D model has to be selected under the “3D Settings” tab.


Well, I did it yesterday, when associating the 3D shapes to their footprints. I checked the settings again now and I found them correct, and also I see the 3D models correctly in the footprint editor.
I must state that I have not the /Library/Application Support/kicad/modules/packages3d/ on my PC, so I saved the 3D models in a local library, choosing not a path relative tho that one when asked to do so.


Also in the Footprint Properties/3D settings tab there is a button to “Configure Paths”.

I’m fairly certain that ${KISYS3DMOD} needs a path assigned to it.


Not at all. One can have 3D models in the pcb without using ${KISYS3DMOD}.

Then you need to update the footprint in the pcb layout. I also use local libraries. The paths to the libraries may be relative or not, have environment variables or not. The paths are not a problem once you see the 3D model in the footprint editor.

But the layout file contains a full copy of the footprint. If you change something of a footprint (a pad, dimensions, a 3D model…) the footprint in the layout is not automatically update. You need to update that footprint in the layout.


you can also give this python tool a try:

run that script within your project folder with the --dryrun flag, so it wont modify anything.
It has a look for all libraries and 3D models, and reports errors, which could help to find your problem.

greets, Karl
[EDIT] it’s rather new, so please tell me, if you have any problems with it

What 3d models are available to have my 3d rendering more accurate in kicad so far I see one component on my board

Just the way the problem was described in detail I had made the assumption the OP knew to change the footprint while reading the netlist; otherwise why bother with the net-list for this change? I also figured that the OP was checking the footprint in the editor by using “Ctrl+e”, as that is the only way to see what is actually on the board.

Sometimes hard to figure out how much information is needed without writing a book for every reply.


Sprig, Pedro, Karl, thank you very much! I succeeded in changing the footprint by checking the footprints in PCBNew with “Ctrl+e” (:wink:) and then choosing each single footprint who need to be update by pressing E -> Change footprint. In the next design I’ll try Karl’s Python script.


Actually, that is the easier way to do just change/update the footprints 3D assignment.
However, in the footprint editor there is an icon on the main menu bar, 10 from the left, that is:
Update footprint into current board.
You did not need to go back and “edit” a second time.

Again, my post was a reflection of your OP where you stated you used the footprint editor. And, there are reasons/preferences why one may want to do it that way. Note that if one is going to use the footprint editor to check what is on the board, then “Ctrl+e”, or “Load footprint from current board” must be used.

ON EDIT: I’m using a nightly, so there might be minor variances and standard nightly warnings apply.


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