Update Footprints in PCBnew


Dear Community,
I am running KiCAD on Linux Mint. It’s generally running, but updating footprints does not quite work.
If I update or reassign footprints within CvPCB this works well so far. The build in preview displays the right footprint.
If I then change to PCBnew and reload the netlist it usually displays errors or the old footprint is displayed again.

The only workaround so far is to restart Kicad, updating Annotation and Netlist and somewhen the updates appear in PCBnew. What’s wrong? What can I change?



When you run the netlist in PCBnew it gives you the option to ‘change’ the footprints. Just check that and you should be good.


Oh thank you!! Now I got it…


Thank you, was searching for the update for the PCBnew and found this solution