Update footprint on board from other footprint

Is there a way to push a change I make to one footprint on the board to other identical footprints on the board or do I have to update the library and update back from there. ?


You have to make changes to the library footprint. You probably want to copy the original library footprint to a project specific library and edit that instead of editing the global footprint.

Editing an individual footprint on the board is meant for ad-hoc changes to that one instance.

I guess it’s possible to avoid the library if you really want:

  1. Make a copy of your new footprint.
  2. Throw away the old footprint.
  3. Change the Refdes of the new copy.
  4. Redo the sync between the schematic and PCB.

I do find it a horrible way of working though.

Doing it the proper way via a (project specific) library is the method I much prefer.

  1. Create library, put footprints in it.
  2. Update the schematic to link to the footprints in your new library.
  3. Eeschema / Tools / Update PCB from schematic [F8].
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