Update component in schematic from library automatically

Hi is it possible to update for example field value or component from symbol library in schematic automatically.
Only way I see is to edit manually each component property.
What if you have 100 components and want to apply to them all ? Or if you want to change design of your component ? In Altium there is a button “Update from library” where all parts are updated.
Think have found it - > Edit component, there is a button “Update fields from library”, but again it is per component, and is updating only fields…

Disclaimer: I assume you run some version of kicad 5.1.x (or at least 5.0.x but then some menus will look different)

Everything except fields is kind of updated next time you open the schematic. If kicad detects there was a change in a symbol then it will ask you if you want to use the symbol as it is now in the library or if you want to retain the old symbol by rescuing it. A symbol is updated to the new version by removing its tickmark in the rescue dialog. You can also force this by manually calling the rescue dialog. (Not sure how well the later works for your usecase)

If you choose to rescue then kicad will copy the symbol from the cache lib into the rescue lib (the lib is automatically created if it did not exist and it is also added to the library table.) This is one of the reasons why you should never ever touch cache lib and always need to include it if you share your project. (A project without rescue lib is in grave danger.)

There is also the field editor and the library references editor both enable mass updates to the schematic via a table entry. (Both are found in the tools menu)

Yes I’m running 5.1.
And yes it is exactly as you explained, thanks.
But… Next time when schematic is opened ? So to update something we have to close project and open again ?? What is the problem to have a button for this purpose in navigation menu for all components (for now it is visible in edit mode per component)

Reminder: already included above :wink:

And another option: start the symbol editor by pressing ctrl+e while on top of the symbol you want to change and it will update as soon as you save to the library. (Just tested in 5.1.1)

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