Update 3d model to all identical footprints at once


I have an issue I’m not sure how to get around. I’m using the nightly build as it has better 3d capabilites.
In my pcb layout I have some components that are missing 3d models. I have downloaded and attached the model to one of the footprints in the pcb and it shows fine.
The trouble is that I have over 80 of the same component, but so far I am having to add the model to every instance of the footprint on the board…
Is there a way of updating all the footprints with the model at once?


Open the kicad_pcb file with a text editor. I use find&replace to automatomate the 3d model replacement, often for resistors and caps


lol. wowsers, so I’m not going crazy then, there’s just no way to do it after the fact?
text editor it is then.
thanks for the help!


You may have a try with

The basic python release should work… But it is still very experimental…
Feedback is welcome
EDIT: I probably misunderstood you. Your need is not to download missing models, but update footprints with missing 3d association…