Unwanted power vias

Hi all,

after upgrading from 5 to 6, I noticed at one point I got a lot of errors in the DRC. Those seem to be related to a lot of vias that where added. The vias refer to power values (GND, +5V, 12V). Is there a simple way to remove them all at once? There are over 600, so manual removal will be cumbersome,



The much more interesting question is: Where do the unwanted vias came from in the first place?

There is probably a better way.

If you are willing to remove all vias, here is a hack, but that may work (do a backup before):
sed -i '/^ (via (at /d' <your board file>.kicad_pcb (there need to be 2 spaces between ^ and (

Have you checked Board Setup / Design Rules / Constraints?

Maybe your Via size from 5 is under the default shown in 6.

Hi all, it seemed I could simply click on all those vias and delete them individually because they were clearly marked, so that proved to be an acceptable way to correct this. Oddly enough, the vias do not come back after deletion, so not sure what caused them in the first place, might be what JMK said,



Sorry, I misread your post.
I thought you had added the vias in 5 and DRC was complaining about them when upgrading to 6. I didn’t realize they just appeared by magic!

For me it sounds like a visual bug. If you see the same happen on the current version (currently Version 7) a bug report on https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/ could help the developers.

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