Unsure how to make board to specific dimensions

Hi all, I am new to the software.

I am trying to clone a ribbon cable and have it be very similar to the original. This will require all dimensions to be specified and components placed relative to edges and dimensions. I am unsure how to do this. I am used to the Fusion360 sketch system. If anyone has some pointers, they would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading

KiCad’s mechanical CAD capabilities are very basic. The options are:

  • Drawing lines on a grid (you can set the grid beforehand).
  • Editing graphic entities and directly enter coordinates.
  • Use the numbers in the status bar at the bottom to view the cursor position.
  • Use the spacebar to set the “delta” numbers in the status bar to zero.
  • Snap to other graphical objects.
  • Use dimensioning tools to add dimenion marks (not to set dimensions).
  • Import .DXF (or .SVG) graphics made in some external program.
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Do you mean a flex-PCB cable?
In that case, use the “Edge Cuts” layer to draw the outline using a suitable point for the 0,0 coordinate.
Use the coordinates at the bottom of the screen to place your parts.

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Yes I do. Thank you both for the reply. I will try that, thanks so much.

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