Unrecognized green trace?

I’ve noticed this green trace pops up sometimes and I can’t get rig of it or figure out what it represents. On the picture that’s the bright green trace named GND.

I am not able to select it, and it remains there even when I deselect the visibility of all layers.

Is this a bug or is it representing something I don’t understand?

Is it still there in different canvas views and when you restart & reload PcbNew ?

Being unable to select suggests it is some display artifact, but even if you cannot select it you can guess at the co-ords of one end being = that Pin 16, so you should then be able to find it in the .Kicad_pcb file.

The pin is net tagged GND, so there is meant to be a GND connect, so the trace is valid.
The red partial trace heading at / 45’ seems more suss…

I often see little fragments like the red bit when I have placed a part with pads off grid

It’s a bug, it’s a leftover from highlight net. If you re-select highlight net, click anywhere on the background it disappears.