Unreadable view, sometimes

Some time ago there were few hours that we couldn’t post any post at forum and then nearly all returned to normal. Since then from time to time I see forum like at this screen shot, I have done a moment ago:

When it happens I try to rewind the post up and down and it sometimes help to get it readable. I don’t know what helps.
I use Opera at Win7. May be it is the source of problem, but this never happened to me before that ‘conservation break’ and now happens rather frequently.

You shouldnt use that.
Our commerical licensed CAD cannot behave well on systems later than W7 why we changed to KIcad.
Recently I found, that this is a German synonym for “Klug Investieren”.

Has “commercial licensed CAD” anything to do with forum?
I don’t use KiCad at Win7, I only read the forum from Win7 PC.

After KiCad got V6 and needed Win10 or later it took me about half year to buy the Win10 PC and move with my work onto it.
My working PC is not connected to internet (it was connected only for a while to initialize tools needing connection) and then disconnected for the rest of its life.
But I bought only one PC because of KiCad V6. My communication PCs (at work and at home) are still Win7.
May be we (me and my brother) will buy 4 Win10 PCs for it (at work and at home for me and him), but we copletely have no time now for it.

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