Unknown RS-274X extension found

Hello Everyone,
I recently sent a design to pcbway for fabrication, but they say “Could not open the file.We need gerber file in fomat of RS-274x;”. Did anyone faced similar issue?

Its a four layer PCB. and I am referring this link from pcbway official website, but still not able to solve the issue. (https://www.pcbway.com/helpcenter/technical_support/Generate_Gerber_file_from_Kicad.html)

Thanks in advance for your time :slight_smile:

That example is ancient. V4? Danged. Did you check ‘use X2 formats’? I think I’ve heard people say that could be a problem.

Yes I did try, but results are same,
This is my output configuration…

I meant X2 IS the problem. Not widely supported I believe. So, you want that unchecked. I’ve never used PCBway so I don’t really know. Without that box check Kicad should output pretty standard gerbers.

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Even KiCad2005 exported gerber in RS-274X format. It is the normal format I use with pcbway and KiCad v5.

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Thanks ! it worked ! :slight_smile:

The example doesn’t match the current version so the check box I was referring to wasn’t there. But yeah, the format is ancient.

In general assume that Chinese fabs can’t handle X2 format unless they say they can. Probably to do with the older CAM software they use.

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