Unknow crosshair appeared on my board layout

When laying tracks on my pcb I noticed this “cross hair” on my diagram. I’ve searched through the Pcbnew help file and can’t seem to find a reference to it. I can’t seem to select it so I don’t think it is a “zero length track”. I can’t seem to delete it either. I tried re-running the DRC and selected delete all markers just in case it was a marker I had not seen. Does anyone know what this is?

Have you checked the kicad_pcb file for those coordinates?

It is a grid origin point marker. Hotkey: S. Happens when you accidentally hit s instead of x while routing and then click somewhere on the board.
Hit “s” again and click where you want that origin to be placed.

Thanks! Can I just delete it? If not does it matter where it is placed? Will if effect my already place components/tracks?

as far as I know, there is no option to remove that crosshair using any pcbnew menu/function when is inserted!

the only option is to close the pcb file, open it with a text editor, search for

(grid_origin 204.8383 111.5949)

and remove that line, save the file and re-open in pcbnew…
I think this is something to be reported as a missing feature…