Units are influencing each other

Hi, work with 7.0, do not have experience with any previous version.
I’m busy with a relay symbol. I want coil in Unit A, and contacts in Unit B.
But each time lines and circles are changed in the other Unit. So i can not draw different
symbols in Unit A and B.
I have unchecked “All units are interchangable”.

Post the relay symbol file.

MW.kicad_sym (48.0 KB)
Symbol: REL_APAN…

When I try XC6SLX25T-BG484 from the delivered libraries it works fine

I used the FPGA as a copy paste …to my own library…
When deleting the FPGA afributes in both Units, then adding my Relay drawings
it goes well.
I have no idea wat went wong when I did this, when i started the relays fro a resistor
copy paste and then add a Unit B… Seems a bug?

I don’t have any problem with your symbol except that you have chosen to have an alternate De Morgan representation which you don’t need. I can delete things in A and not affect anything in B and vice versa.

Maybe it’s best you start from an empty symbol instead of copying an existing symbol (a FPGA is very unrelated to a relay) otherwise you may get some settings you don’t want. I recall there is the possibility of making some artefacts being common to all units and you may have inherited that setting when editing.

Additionally to the symbol-wide “All units are interchangable” setting there is a setting “common to all units” for every item (graphical items and pins). So this checkbox must be unchecked in every respective parameter-dialog.

The Morgan setting was first unchecked. I noticed taht this did not fix my problem. It was still checked on in the upload file.
any how i used a fpga and redrawed it to a relay, seems fine now…

There is also object-specific setting that makes a certain line/polygon common to all units in a symbol, this is not affected by the global setting and is sometimes checked after copying another symbol.
Object properties window:

You can also use this setting to select which parts of the symbol are the same on all units to speed up creation of complex multi-unit symbols.

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Hi Dawid, thanks very much, i think this is the problem solution.

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