Unintended connection between two pads

I have been working on a PCB layout on Kicad (2015-January). Everything is going pretty well except there is this connection between two pads in PCBNew that should not be there. Eschema shows that there is no connection. I tried reloading the project. Even tried restarting Kicad. It is definitely showing up on PCBNew only.

Is there a way to check where in the layout (in Eschema) a connection shown in PCBNew is made?

Ratsnest line? Did you reload the netlist?

You can check which nets the ‘erroneously’ connected pads are a member of. That should be a good starting point.

Just few words of caution to avoid unconnected nets looking as they were connected I always do the following:

  1. in eeschema do not connect two symbols directly without the wire between them,
  2. do not start the wires at 90° from the component pins: first draw one segment in line with the pin, and only then turn at 90°

Thanks, I think reloading the netlist did the job. Pretty sure I tried it before. Must have been tired.