Unicode support

i can see big issue on KICAD while i type in unicode
ican type unicode clearly on text dialoge but on the schematic and pcb som square will be visible
and if it’s be possible a font chooser i request…
many thanks… :blush:

Wishlist is here:
https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad (add bug with wishlist tag)

searching for ‘unicode’ brings up some hits …

This one might explain what’s going on:

This depends on the kicad font - Unicode is not supported, only a very few glyphs from the Hershey font. If you wish to have text in other languages you may need to produce a bitmap, import with the “bitmap2cmp” tool and place it as a graphic on the appropriate layer. The only other alternative at the moment is to use another software to edit the Gerber file and place your text as PCB fabricators do.