Understanding "Save/Load Project File..." preferences

Pcbnew (and Eeschema) both have Preferences -> "Save/Load Project File..." options.

Can someone explain why/when it is necessary to save/load a project file from within Eeschema or Pcbnew?

One reason why I’m asking is because I came across these options when I was trying to make a project template (http://docs.kicad.org/stable/en/kicad.html#_creating_templates), and discovered that preferences in the .pro file do not update until I explicitly click the Save Project File....

For example, when I change the solder mask web preference value in Pcbnew and hit the save button, the .kicad_pcb file immediately stores the correct value (solder_mask_min_width 0.1016). However, the .pro file still shows SolderMaskMinWidth=0.000000000000 until I click the Save Project File..., which causes the value to update to SolderMaskMinWidth=0.1016.


Why are these settings (seemingly) stored in two places and updated through different mechanisms? When are the settings in the .pro file used vs. the ones in the .kicad_pcb file?

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@cdwilson This would explain many of the odd-ball problems I’ve had in the past, but could never put my finger on. I’ll definitely be testing this further some time tomorrow.

ON EDIT: These options should not be under the “Preferences” menu. Instead should be under the “File” menu.

I’m a little bit surprised this was just found out.

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