UnderScored Text

I stumbled on this quite by accident and don’t know if it’s a programming fluke or undocumented feature…

But, turns out to work on both PCB and Schematic

Use the ’ ~ squiggle’ to make a line in Text… examples below…

It’s documented that a squiggle (also known as a tilde) starts and stops an overline. So what you’re really doing there is putting an overline over those 40 spaces that are on the line below your text.

Thanks, where is it documented? (yes, I knew it’s called a Tilde)

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Eeschema manual: Pin Overview

To define a pin name with an inverted signal (overline) use the ~ (tilde) character. The next ~ character will turn off the overline. For example ~FO~O would display FO O.


Ahhh, thanks!

I’m not surprised that the affect plays out on PCB for text…