Unconnected wire count changes between restarts of PcbNew

I have a Pcb drawing with 3 unconnected wires. I couldn’t find where they were located. Then I closed PcbNew and re-opened it. There are 2 unconnected wires. I keep closing and reopening, it changes nearly everytime. Here you are: https://aktos.io/cloud/d/44af2bf2c7/

  • any footprints with pads that overlap?
  • any chance you can run it in OpenGL and check for ratsnest lines?
  • what does DRC say about it?

Sometimes you get rather random connections from via holes to a plane, when there is a through via too close, so your via is marginaly breaking out of the plane

Reload netlist works as well.

Nope, reloading netlist does not help.

So, DRC check should list and point the problematic area. But there was something listed by DRC but none was shown when I double click on them (it directs me somewhere but there was nothing unconnected).

On a second attempt, I selected some checkboxes when re-reading netlist in order not to keep current anything. Now there is no errors shown by “List Unconnected” menu, but there are still 2 unconnected wires exist according to the bottom indicator.

Check these pads under the guise of what @Andy_P posted above as I can see tracks going over them in a straight line…

PS: out of curiosity… how long did you need for that particular layout and how many layouts have you done so far?

I checkhed them out by removing their wires and reconnected them. When I removed the wires, “unconnected” count increments. These might not have the problem.

FYI: We have made +30 layouts so far and we need this particular layout badly. We started the manufacturing process despite of the unconnected count if that’s the case, but this particular problem consumes a lot of time whenever we make an edit.

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There is /was a problem with this.
This bug also bites me frequently.

Unclear if it’s gone in later nightlies.